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Geneva, Indiana
Feb. 22, 1920.

Dear Sister:

Lloyd is trying to write with his printing set. He said he was having more fun out of writing the letter than you would have reading it. I poped [sic] a lot of corn to-day and stayed home from Sunday school to help mamma. Clark has gone to Rose Moyers and has not come back yet. Now I will write about school.

The D. Science girls are going to serve gelatine and cake to the H. School. The class wants to get class rings. The boys are going to get suits alike and the girls are going to get white middys and shirts with I think blue. Last Friday Lloyds room was supposed to give a program after the last recess in honor of Washington's birthday. But as there was not to be any school then on account of the tournament they had not prepared any program. So they called on the H.S. to give the program. In the program there was a quartet that sant. Consisting of Dale Neusbaum, Daniel Hoffman, Loyal Liddy, and Clark Munro. They sang "Rock of Ages" and with applauded back and sang "Three Blind Mice" but not in a round. When they first came in the boys were painted with black paint and sung that song like crazy. They did not know they were to be called on at all. Daniel looked so funny. He had the back part of his shirt tail sticking out and acted a dunce. Clark had on a red stockingette stuffed so as to make it stand up straight. He also had a yard stick and in flourishing the yard stick around knocked the song book out of his hands. Loyal did not sing at all but just laughed. The rest were laughing half of the time from there own actions. The second song was not near so funny although they tried to. Josephine was the pianoist.

Well I guess I will have to tell you about the County T. After we said that we would play Decatur the first game they got cold feet and told a lie. You know when all of us went to Decatur to see H. play D. it looked like we were taking it easy so as not to get too many scores ahead of them just so we would beat them. They said it looked as if we did not half try and that scared Decatur plum out and are afraid to play us. Mr. Wills wrote them a letter and said we would play them if they had not cold feet. He read the copy of the letter to the school because they had printed in the paper we would not sign a paper because we wouldn't play them the first game. The reason was they did not have the majority of the schools represented. Which they did not. Mr. Wills also told them that we would be glad to play them which we would.

I will have to go to bed. You will have a bad time reading this letter but I am or was in haste. Will have to finish this letter some other time.

Your sister,

[Post script from Mamma.]

I do not believe you can half understand Rith's letter; but i haven't time to correct it. Have just made a double batch of doughnuts. Have packed 32 for you. Am so afraid Clark will forget to mail "Tale of two Cities" since he has "girl" on the brain.

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