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Geneva, Ind. Feb. 22–‘20
Washington's Birthday

Dear Esther–

Have just finished drinking a hot cup of cocoa, was sitting on oven door. Don't you wish you could have had one with me? You see I am using a pencil because I can not find a pen that is really fit to use, so I get out of patience and hunt up the pencil.

Have been kind of lonesome today. Wish you could have been here for me to talk a while to. I thought some of going over to Lawrence's; but was afraid they might have the scarlet fever or something else, so gave that up. It seems the scarlet fever hangs around pretty close. Arbutus shoemaker is sick and they are afraid she may have it. But now remember I don't say she has it. Papa heard at S.S. through Frank Pontius that they don't seem to know what is the matter & naturally are afraid that might be it; but as she has been sick since last Tues. it seems to me the Dr. ought to know by now what is the matter.

Well, that Basket Ball game at Decatur that I wrote you about, was called off. Clark said Decatur got cold feet, and I believe it for Clark said Mr. Willis wrote to Decatur and gave them a great calling down for it.

Clark has gone to see Rose tonight. I somehow wish he would not. I don't know why but wish he would not.

Have you quit the "club" yet? And has Justine gone down there yet? Do you hear from her? I was down to Mrs. Whitzsels a while ago & she has a cold in her head again.

Wilma said to thank you for the Valentine. Say, Wilma is cute. I believe she would make a bright, refined woman some day if rightly trained. Justice's wife & step-son had the "Flu". At what time in April will you have your vacation? Now, answer my questions. I have not been off of the place for so long or seen any one ot talk to that I have no "news" to write.

I looked for Ben's over yesterday, but they did not come. I wanted so bad to sew Sat. but prepared for them. Expect to wash tomorrow. Your washing has not come yet.

Victor Eicher has "Tale of two Cities" but Clark will get it tomorrow & send it to you there at school. Your word did not reach us till Sat. P.M. & Clark said he could not get it any sooner than Mon. anyhow.

Guess Ruth is writing to you too.--

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