Home | 1920

Home. Feb. 19–‘20 (Thurs. M.)

Dear Esther–

Papa has gone to Amos Staffer's sale. I thought he might get home by noon, but he has not. Have your plaid & brown waists finished and ready to send to you; but as papa always does the packing & tying up process, I'll just wait till he is here, then send them to you. He may buy a horse at the sale. He sold dick for $50 (the one he bought of Felber. He was so high headed string-halted in hind legs) & Prince for $5. He will probably go for fertilizer.

Clark goes to Decatur this eve. To play Decatur. It is the county meet I believe. The boys are quite nervous over it. Clark says they've just got to beat. They played Monroe at Monroe Wed. night & beat them 22-24. The first team I mean, in favor of Hartford. The second team's score was 11-23 in favor of H. My but Clark was proud. Usually when he comes home I am awake & ask him how the game turned out, but this time he called me & wanted to know if I wanted to know how it went. He said they had the happiest time coming home. Said they sand every thing they could think of.

We now have the pipe in front room running up through your room [...] it burns O.K. Took the dining room stove down & out, as we could not have a fire in it any how.

Berne is quarantined on account of Scarlet fever. Our carpenter was to have been out to tell papa how much timber he could get out of our own to saw up for the house. But he is not here yet & we suppose that is the reason.

Hope your throat is well by this time. The weather is so much warmer now that I suppose you can keep warm. Clark & Willis get along O.K. now, they seem to get along better among the boys with that Fielder gone. He is a Catholic & I believe did all the harm he could, but the girls take sides & guess they are having some trouble among themselves. Of course Elizabeth A. & her friends take Fielder's part. NO, papa has not put up any ice. The house plans will not be completed in detail until you come home, but in general they are. The carpenter will work by the day not by contract. Guess the "flu" must be getting better around here. NO that book of house plans didn't do any good. It is on too elaborate a scale for us.

I must close or mail man will be gone.–If you are very anxious to eat at cafeteria go ahead and I'll send "stuff' to you as I can.


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