Home | 1920

Home, Sun. Eve, Feb. 15,11'20

Dear Esther–

Well, we have put in a some what miserable Sunday. It is so very cold and while we have some fire in front room it is so cool none of us can stay in there. All the smoke from that stove goes into the dining room, so papa keeps only a little fire in it for that reason. We have been in the kitchen all day today and yesterday. It doesn't do one bit of good to poke at the chimney. I don't think you can imagine how miserable it is with smoke in the D.R. all the time, yet no fire in the stove & It seems so much more miserable when the children are home from school. I do surely hope we keep well. It just scares me to think of any of us being sick. Thank goodness that at present none of us have a cold or any thing I know of.

I had Mr. Lehman & Martine and Mr. Walker here for dinner Fri. They sawed wood all day and since it has turned so cold we have been thankful it was done just when it was; I put all the spare time I had in the P.M. on that plaid silk waist of yours. I am sorry I ever got it, it is such miserably poor material. Now when you get it put it on (when you need it of course) and wear it out & if it has not been worth my time making it nor yours to patch it I am so disgusted with it. If I have time shall I make some middys for you? Papa walked to S.S. there were only eleven there. Forest Shoemaker, wife & two children Elvia Beitler, Levida G–, Mr. Beitler & Uncle Frank & Aunt Kate & Papa, Mr. Farrar. Guess they are getting along better at school. Clark said Lawrence Fiedler is proving himself to be worse & worse, I guess they have expelled him. Clark said he hoped he would stay away ‘tho he can come back if he behaves.

There was a parent & teacher meeting on Fri. night last. Papa saw all the Bakers there. Well, he didn't see Justine, but she was there. Mr. B–. said she would soon go back to school.

Well, I believe this is all, hoping to hear from you Tues. and that you are well. O, yes, Will Ross of Cecil heard that our place was not sold & wanted to rent it. Mr. Tyler who bought our place sold his place to a man who only paid $100. down & then went back on the deal, but we have nothing to do with Mr. Tyler you know. I think we are O.K.

Well, Good night,
From Mamma.


Papa and Mr. W. are going to run the front room stove up through register & into chimney up there. Then will be stove up in D.R.

Very cold this A.M.

[The envelope was inscribed with the following note.]

Grandpa Glen.–is very low can't live long the Dr. says.

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