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Home. Feb-12-1920.

Dear Esther- -

This is Thurs. evening and I have put in all my spare time today patching that suit coat and I do not know what to say about it. The lining is almost ready to fall out of the sleeves. Turn them wrong side out and you will understand me. I just wondered if it will last this spring or would it pay to hire some one to re-line it. It is a shame when the outside is so good. And if you wait until the lining is much worse it will be very hard for any one to re-line it. I believe one could take the lining out now and use it as a pattern and get along pretty well. What do you think?

Well, I haven't seen either letter you wrote Lloyd or Clark, so those letters didn't do me much good. I believe Lloyd did read his while I was getting supper that evening.

I am afraid we will not escape being sick this winter, for two families in our school now have scarlet fever. Wilsons & Myers. They are both quarantined. So many are dying from the "flu". A Thornhill boy (Izora's brother) died of flu today. He was up & getting better; but went out to mailbox to get mail then died the next day. Should you get the flu down there you go to bed & stay then stay in after you are apparently O.K. So many think they are feeling good enough to go out then they die sure. Mrs. Jack (that Jack family in our school) is dead from "flu".

Will send you the last Elite & you can send for your own pattern. I don't know which one to choose. Then you can return them in about two weeks.

How would you like for me to make you some middys? I have some old rose material for Ruth a middy & skirt to match. Will send you a sample as soon as I cut into the material. Say, do not wear your corset-covers with that red dress. It colors them so I can not make them look decent hardly. Will try to finish that plaid silk wash this week.

Will have some extra men for dinner tomorrow so I'll not have much time to sew these. I have been working of evenings lately trying to give some time for sewing. I do want to so bad.

Suppose your suit will have to be pressed out good.

Well, I must go to bed.


That pink material is 65 cents per yd. but it don't take more than 2 1/4 for a middy

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