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Home. Feb. 9–Monday A.M.

Dear Esther–

Here I am sitting down writing to you on Mon. A.M. with boiler on stove boiling away and tubs full. But you asked some questions that papa said should be answered immediately.

I didn't get a chance to write yesterday at all. All went to S.S. but me and with house to put in order, dishes to wash & separator and dinner to get I was more than busy until they came home. Dorothy Shoemaker came home with Ruth for dinner. Ruth said she asked her to come over in P.M. but Dorothy misunderstood and Ruth said she was never more surprised when Dorothy came and got in car. It didn't make but a very little difference to me only you know how we are situated for a water closet. I dread for any one (woman) to come on that account.

Soon after we got the dishes finished Clare came after D. because the Lehman girl & Mr. Lehman's sister were at their house. So Ruth went home with Dorothy then she walked back with them. During that time I cleaned [...] and mixed 6 qts ice-cream then I went down to Whitsel's to have them come up & eat it. Then papa said not to stay up & write. Should the "flu" get so bad that school is closed or for any reason you need to come home, come as far as Indianapolis on train then some one will meet you there. Clark said it was a dangerous drive among those hills during the winter time.

Will send you some butter, cookies & pickles soon. Do you like dill pickles? I have some very nice ones. I surely hope you escape the "flu". Mrs. Whitsel said it was just thick in Geneva. I hope no one gets sick here this winter for I do not know how I could give them good care.

Uncle Jimmie Glendenning has been very sick, but is better now. Maybe that is why the girls talked of going home.

Well, I must go to (mail box) washing & just dig in this work. I feel fine & will do lots if kids don't interfere too much. Rec'd nice letter from Mary Ewing last week.

Much love–from Mamma

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