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Home. Jan. 7-1920

Dear Esther--

I must stop and tell you why I have not written and why I'll not be apt to write soon again. Mon. I washed but some of the clothes are still hanging in the house drying. Yesterday Mr. Walker was here for dinner, Mrs. Whitsel was here a while and I had to do some extra baking for the kids, so I sewed on your brown crepe-de-chen 2 hrs. then after supper I ironed till 9:30. Would liked to have finished but papa would not let me use any more wood. Papa butchered yesterday. So right now he is cutting up meat & I should be helping. But will finish my ironing first, then this P.M. I'll have to try out lard on the stove & tomorrown can the pork. So you see every min. is full & then some. I know you need your coat. So will try to send it to you today. will get all your things to you as soon as I can.

Clark said Justine had been having tonsilitis. Tho' she was not very sick, still the Dr. advised her to stay home a few days. I suppose you know as much about it as I do, by now.

No, we did not 'phone to them. I did 'phone tho' to Mrs. Glendenning yesterday.

Will hunt up those samples to day & send them to you if I can.

Guess 'twas a good thing you went by the way of Portland, as Justine did not go.

Believe my irons are hot now. Hope you are well. We are. Tho' I'll be awfully busy this week. I'll write if I possibly can. I wanted Ruth to write last night; but she thought she was too busy with book reports.

Mrs. Lindsey is really sewing on her dress now. Ruth says it is going to look real nice.

Much love from

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