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148 Sheety St.
Feb. 5, 1920

Dear Esther,

There might be more pleasure and a greater benefit from going to convocation this afternoon; but since I'm not sure I shall stay home and write. Have you wondered whether the mail man was still on duty? I got both notes; but am not so sure about anything else. So you saw your shadow, and what has that got to do with a weather prophesy concerning winter? Oh, I think i know what you inferred; but I had something different superstitions. Any way the light happy days of spring will soon be here, so "dear child let them rail."

I presume that I.U. is once more assuming an atmosphere of learning and of business, with a very slight undercurrent of reckless gaiety. The true college spirit should be left to run more freely than it does, and not crippled nor hampered so as to produce a careless forgetfulness of natural enthusiasm. Perhaps you have more to enjoy by being a freshman than just an easy schedule. It is hard, no doubt, for you to get time to think intelligently. It is only momentary thoughts that *I can write just now or almost any time for that matter.

No, I arranged my won schedule this semester and got what I wanted with out very much effort or trouble; but i shall certainly be doing lots of work; that is I shall be exposed to a lot of it. I only have thirty-four hours of work per week in A.H., 2 agronomy's Entomology; math; Biology; Dairy, and the Purdue Army.

There are to be no vacations here until June 5. Consequently I cannot answer all your questions. Have *you any? I have my Sat. A.M.'s about full so if I go home I shall necessarily have to cut some classes and a drill period. What I'll do about it I do not know, and sometimes care less whether I slide some of it or not. It is very interesting to record the variations in the attitude and the enthusiasm for certain things. Not fickleness; but perhaps just the natural fluctuations of one's hopes and feeling.

Has your roommate returned to the U. yet? She surely will have a lot of work to make up unless the profs are very merciful, as some of hte older ones are. We must disregard those "old maid" sewing teachers as ineligibles. They *may have their use as *living examples*.


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