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118 Sheety Street
West La Fayette Jan. 30, 1920

Dear Esther,

What is the significance of the lack of a hearty response and of enthusiasm?
"Frail creatures are we all! To be the best
Is but the fewest faults to have--
Look though then to thyself, and leave the rest
To God, thy conscience, and thy grave."

[From James Gillman's The Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge]
Word from you and I.U. was very welcome after such a long time had elapsed, and too, after what happened last Friday night. If my imagination is not too wild, then some, quite a few, were disappointed.

What are you doing to spend the vacation that you have the privilege of enjoying? Since you are confident that you will not be sent home by Mrs. John Cravens, I presume that you are at rest. I mean aware of a mental ease; and how much satisfaction that brings to a person! You are "so bright, so smart" that failure in your studies would be impossible. But from all indications your school must have watched its students rather strenuously during the last week. I heard of one Frosh Medic who went in to look at his chemistry exam., and after giving it a hard and sad look departed to his room and began packing up. This was a bad fall; but I heard from his sisters that he was going to get married now. As usual, "from the frying pan into the fire"; the non-resistant attraction of love's fire followed by the impending storm of matrimonial "love". Would I dare to blame the woman in this case too? You know a man who wants to be mean can always tell her that "Adam didn't fall until after Eve had invited him to eat that apple". In that story, I do not clearly recall, but was not my solution similar in a way to your teacher's query?

I am having a difficult time to get a schedule fixed up for next semester. Tomorrow our school closes and does not begin again until Monday 8 A.M. What will I do with such a long vacation? I don't know that, I'm sure! It is likely that some of the profs. and I shall have a little inconvenience in meeting each other for a time next week. I'm hoping I can overcome the difficulty, for I know they care less. Ha, even school adds interest to a fellow's pleasure.--Have you been to any good movies lately? Rather hard to decide isn't it. I hope you receive this before Feb. All indications are that Spring is not yet!

With pleasure,

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