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Bluffton, Ind.
Jan. 27, 1920.

Dear Esther:

First of all, I want to thank you for doing all you have for me. I don't know how I can return it. I wish I could see after my affairs and not bother other folks. I can't tell you exactly when I shall be back at I.U. The Dr. said today I shouldn't [go] back right away. He said we had better wait a little to see whether the Flu would strike there. I should hate to get the Flu now since my system is weak. I am so slow in gaining strength. Geraldine had a harder case than I did but she is about well now. I think we can be free Thursday. The only thing I miss so much is that William had to miss his class play. It is to be given tonight.

Suppose your French exam. is over. I am not at all uneasy about your passing.

I am going to ask a favor of you. Will you send me my glasses and "Metcalf's English literature" to me? My eyes hurt a great deal and I thought if my glasses needed changing I could have it done here. Keep account of the postage and I'll settle with you when I get back.

I must answer Mary and Emily's letters but I have written two this P.M. and that's about enough for one day. I'm getting shaky. How are Carters? Tell them hello from. How are all the girls? I hope you have had no serious fall. Oh say you may open my papers when they come. They may have something of interest to you in them. John Dyson a Petroleum senior was buried yesterday. Tell everyone hellow for me.

Your room mate

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