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Geneva, Ind.
Jan. 25, 1920

Dear Esther--

I suppose you think I have forgotten all about you but I haven't. Guess I'll use Lloyd's paper. I have been trying to get the "kids" to go to bed for some time, it is not 10 min 'till ten and all have gone but Ruth, I would not write so late; but I know I'll not have time in the A.M. to write before mail man goes.

All but myself went to S.S. today. There were 10 in Clark's class, Maizy the only girl I think. Laymen's kids were there as the roads were too bad to go to Berne. Leona's fellow walked out to Leyman's this P.M.

The kids can go anywhere on top of snow with their little sleds, so you may know "auto-riding" is somewhat "out" now.

I made six qts ice-cream this P.M. Clark froze it with snow. It was fine but both stoves smoked so we had to eat it in kitchen where it was warm. Clark was on top of house last eve. with a stick poking down chimney; but it don't seem to do much good any more. We have had so much smoke lately. Worse than it used to be. lots.

Do you have any "Flu" down there? Raymond Felber has been sick a week with it. I also heard that Elsie Clendenen had it quite badly. I haven't heard anything about Baker's for some time.

Now, at this writing I don't know whether to look for you home or not. Do not expect me to decide for you; for I do not know near as much about it as you do. How do you like the house-plan? We have made another change in stairway. Ruth has her dress now. It is plenty short, that's all thats wrong with it.

Monday A.M. Guess I worked too hard yesterday for I have no "get up" in me this A.M. Put the boiler on then took it off. Well, I had so much waiting on the kids that it (1) made it late, and (2) it is cold and (3) the stoves in these two rooms are acting up fierce. If you turn the draft on in front room then it smokes in d.r. then if you turn draft on in there it is vice-versa. So this A.M. papa did not make any fire in D.R. at all. But thank goodness the kitchen is warm if there three auto tires in there, Think I'll try to sew this P.M. Have white middy partly made for Ruth and a gown (for Warren) and a waist (for Lloyd) cut out. Say if you do come home you can finish your sewing that was started when you were home.--Bye bye--from--Mamma.

I have canned 31 qts. beef. Won't have that to do this week any ways.

Have seen nothing of any laundry

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