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Geneva Ind. Jan. 21, 1920.

Miss Esther L. Munro.
Bloomington, Ind.

My Dear little girl,

Mamma wants me to answer your letter rec'd. yesterday, so here goes. Ans. No. 1 We have an old "Webster's Acedemic" that the Kids don't need and we will send it with your duds when they get here and get washed.

Ans. No. 2 About shoes If you need them now or will need them soon get them, if not I would let them wait. I don't look for shoes to go much higher very rapidly.

Ans. No. 3 About Board. I believe it would be better all things considered, to get your board of Mrs. Carter for a while yet. If you should get your Alcohol lamp and cook for yourself it would make you lots of extra work and mussing around. And as long as you are busy any way why add to your duties. I guess we can stand the financial part of it all right. (over)

Now about your coming home. We are always glad to see you don't ever doubt that. The financial part of it we can stand too. but the main question is whether or not it would interfere with your work there and of that you are the judge. I want you to get along well with your studies other things can wait. If you make up your mind to come let us know which way you are coming and don't bring a lot of extra clothes along. Let us know what you are going to do.

we butchered our beef yesterday. We have had lots of snow and cold. It is reported that there are a few cases of "Flu" in the neighborhood.

This is a long letter for me to write so I will close.

Your Father
A.C. Munro.

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