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Friday A.M.

Ruth has written so little (of interest) that I thought after all that I'd write some. I stayed up last night until after ten o'clock to finish Ruth's middy and wash your suit. Papa & Clark went to the school house. Mr. Christian and Mr. Lutz were to have been there but Mr. L. had the "Flu" and Mr. Christian didn't get there till nine oclock. The object was to "boost" centralized schools. Papa said after he got through the men talked some & Mr. Christian found that they were already more prepared to "boost" than he (Mr. C.) was. Papa, Mr. Martin & Mr. Glendening are wanting the school-house added to.

Mr. Baker was there. He said Geraldine had been very sick; but was improving fast. Justine had not been quite so sick but was not gaining as rapidly as Geraldine, but was going back to school just as soon as she was able.

The play they had Tues. night was by the Sophomores. [...] the paying on that graphophone, They bought $27 worth of scenery. They took in over $60. It was a western play. I liked it quite well only there was too much swearing on the stage to suit me. Now don't tell anything about what I've said about this play to any one. Not even about the expense, for Trissie drilled them. I do not know what others thought of it but I do not approve of swearing either on the stage of off. I do not care if it is necessary to make it more realistic.

Clark said Harry Schoemaker said he was going to Texas to oil fields last Wed. Suppose he went. I think we will build on all new house, a carpenter is coming here this P.M. (from Berne) to talk to papa & I about it. Looks serious don't it? But don't say it out loud yet. I suppose it would be alright to make that garment for that girl. We will send the dictionary and slate when we send the rest of laundry. I tried very hard to make your union suit look nice & clean, but could not get the red out. Washed it twice by itself in clean water. Don't worry about that corn. As long as it is covered in snow it is O.K. but when it begins to thaw they will have to get it out as soon as they can. I do not think in case we decide to build that it would possibly be finished so we could use it at all during the summer. Do not ask for the impossible. I must close & get dinner. Buy oranges & apples and keep in good condition so you won't have the "flu". bye bye, from Mamma.

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