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Geneva, Indiana.
Jan. 15, 1920

Dear Sister:

We have had so much trouble [with] the stove and chimney the [family] almost have to live in the kitchen and front room. Papa and Clark have gone to the Parent-Teacher meeting at the school house. Lloyd and Warren have gone to bed in mamma's room and mamma is going to wash your union suit tonight because your cloth[e]s arrived today. There are three that are in my class that have "flu". Which are Ralph Eecrote, Warren Holloway, and Martha Speig---- I can't spell the last. I wanted you home so bad but I am afraid you would carry it back with you.

They have taken down the stage and it seems so quiet to me. It seems like the room is so big. Yesterday fore noon the high school did not have school until recess. During that time we Freshmen girls had a picnic. Helen Bentz put on a pair of yellow pants that they had on in the play and put on Alvin Windmiller's sweater and a cap. Pretty soon two boys came in and found Helen that way. We were all laughing so hard the way she looked and when the boys stepped in she hid behind one of the girls. Martha had her camera with her so Helen clim[b]ed out of the D.S.R. window the rest going around. We ran around back of the school house and to the west side and Mr. Willis saw us so run around to front. And took Helen's & Clara's picture. Clara was Helen's girl. I am so anxious to get those pictures. I will send one of each kind to you. At noon we came down and Clara and Helen were dressed up. You see it was the day after two of the boys left their togger. Martha painted we did look so funny.

While we took are Physical T. Maryan P. was trying to hold her body up with her hands with he[r] feet up in the air. When she dropped she did not get up she just layed their. The girls asked her if she could get her breath she did not say anything she did not even move her head. They kind of pounded her on the back but she could not get her breath. I thought that she was dying. All of us seemed like we were glued to where we were. After she got her breath she said it felt like her brest bone broke or something. Well I will have to say good-night for I fear papa and Clark will be home before I get to bed. Good-night Esther.
Ruth Munro.
Geneva Indiana

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