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Home. Wed. A.M.

Dear Esther--

I haven't time at all to write, but thot may be I'd have to answer you about changing rooms (moving). Do not wait on an answer from Justine. It is hard to tell when she may bo back. Why are those girls (Dale & etc.) moving? Are they afraid to be in same house with J. when she does return? If the disease is carried by those scales, it would be easy for her to carry it even if she were alright herself. You ask the Dr. there. I don't believe the dr. they have knows much about it.

Buy a slate for yourself there. Papa says it would be foolish to pack one to send to you.

May be you'd better wash your own union suit there.

We will send you that writing paper & Quarterly soon.

I washed you Kimoni (trimmed in blue) and it washed lovely.

Canned 6 qts. of cranberries yesterday. Run them thru the colander.

I think it would be very nice to make that pink gingham up the way you say.

It is 10 min. of eleven & no dishes washed or separator.

Have much more to say but no time to say it.

Mrs. W. had a very bad cold.

We are all well,
Bye by--

You must study up on how to use to, too, & two.

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