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Home. Jan 11--'20
(Sunday of course)

Dear Esther--

Clark promised me today that he'd write to you & as he didn't go to S.S. or any where I thought may be he would. He is reading a book he got out of school library. It is called Order No 11. by Caroline Abbot Stanley. I have read a good ways in it and it is fine. I read part of it outloud & Ruth just laughed nearly all the time. I missed you today more than any time since you left. I would liked to have "talked" to you and heard you play on piano.

Just after you left the Elite came. It has lots of pretty suits in it. Shall I send it to you? or wait until next one comes.

I wonder who you will get to go to S.S. with you now that Justine is not there. I've an idea you might miss her most awfully. I guess they have the Scarlet Fever all right. Clark said they were quarantined. I wonder now when Justine will get to go back. Do you hear from her? or are they allowed to send mail?

Did you know that Josephine Martin was going with Loyal Liddy?

Papa got ten qts of cranberries for me to can. I'll have them to care for tomorrow and a big butter bowl of sausage. So I won't get to wash & that's the way my week will go. Papa wants to know if you received that $150 check he sent you.

Do you & Richard correspond yet? I just wondered.

We have about 135 lbs. of lard rendered. We gave the head & a shoulder to Mr. Whitsels.

I hope I'll get to sew some for you this week. I asked Papa what more I could say to you & he said to say Good-night, that it was time to go to bed.

Am anxious to hear from you to know if you are well. Do you keep warm enough sleeping alone?

Good night from Mama.

Mon. A.M.

Am washing. It is such a pretty morning. feel like doing lots of work. How did you spend yesterday?

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