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Home. Jan 9--1920.

Dear Esther--

Here I am again writing and papa fixing the package. I could not get the same stocking you wanted in No. 9. Could have got 9 1/2. But could have in brown. Did not sew any yesterday or will not today or tomorrow.

The report is out that Geraldine Baker has scarlet fever. No one has said that Justine has it; but it could be so take care of yourself when she returns. I have not much faith in what that Dr. told them before about it. He told them to fumigate the house & there would be no danger; but it seems that there was danger just the same or Geraldine would not have had it. In case at any time you should be sick & need me let me know & I'll get there some way.

Inclosed you will find a check from papa. did not go down to Martins for dinner yesterday.

Corn is several feet under the snow. Will try to write a letter some time.

Guess this is all.

Now keep well if possible. Let me know if you get this package.

Much love from Mamma.

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