Home | 1919

Home. Wed. Eve.

Dear Esther--

I am sending you those samples. I could get no *Khaki, *Duck, *gaberdine or Ratine, or batiste at Filer's. The Palu-beach may be wool. I do not know & the Kindergarten is called "Kiddy Cloth" in the catalogue but I think it is a sort of kindergarten material. I have names on all but the kindergarten & that is the striped black & white. I so far have found no *batiste in the house either nor at Filer's.

Mr. Spaar has not forgotten you. We have a package of religious literature here we will send you for I know you want it.

Thur. A.M.

Martin's are butchering Papa is down there & I may go yet for dinner, but know I should be busy here.

When do you need to pass in those samples? I may have time yet to get more at Carter's or some where else.

Well, I must get busy.

Nothing has happened since you were here, so consequently nothing to tell.

Bye bye, from

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