Home | 1919

Home. Dec. 12--Friday Eve.

Dear Esther--

Your letter came today. I hope you have rec'd my last letter by now for may be there are a few suggestions in it that might help you out with Xmas. You will have time enough after you get home to get him some thing. You need not get it there unless you see the very thing that suits. But of course if you are intending to give the girls there each something, it shoudl be done before you leave there. Even Luella & Kathryn's could wait till you get home. We have sent for those spoons; but of course they have not come yet.

Carter is going to sell out for good & move to Wabash, Ind. I am going tomorrow A.M. buy some, for that is when sale begins.

I do not know which way you had better come home. But papa said he'd rather you'd come with Justine than to make trip alone.

We have not noticed any coal shortage here, and Ben's said there seemed to be plenty in Van Nest.

Well, I didn't know I began on wrong side of paper. [At top of second side, which is, indeed, the "right" side.]

I've a notion to get myself a nice new dress at Carter's, but when would it ever get made? I wish you could stay home a month and sew.

Yes, the school play will be while you are home; but Clark don't brag on it any. So don't expect too much.

Sat. A.M. Clark said he would give up getting stationary if you wanted to give that to some one else.

You will hear from me again before you come. If no one comes tomorrow I expect I'll write to you then. I may have fodder shredders next Tue. Wed. & Thur.--

With love,

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