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Geneva Indiana.
Dec. 5, 1919.

Dear Sister:

I have been writing wanting to get a chance to write. I wanted to write last night but I had to write on my book report. Well, I suppose you have heard some things about the squabble. Well I will tell you some more. You know Clark was suspended from school for three days. That happened Tuesday. Papa went back the next morning and told him what the school was for and Clark kept on coming to school. the same night the Senior class went there to practice a play and finish up putting up the stage. Clark saw that Tressie was there that night too. The next morning he said he was surprised to see the stage half way up. He also said he could fine them each $5 and upward to put for breaking in the school building. Neusbaum & Mr. Willis ordered that the stage should be taken down and never be put up again. Also threatened to take the Seniors credits away from them and I do not know what. Neusbaum came the next morning anyhow he was there before we got there.

They were waiting for Tressie to come. First They called Josephine down in the furnace room. There was no one down there besides Mr. Willis


Neusbaum & asked her if she was there the night before. Of course she had to say she was & asked her to tell all who were there that night of course she had to tell. She went up stairs to tell Tressie all about it. Tressie was called out at that time. In about ha[l]f an hour or less she was back and began to cry. All the Seniors class...

[There seems to be a page missing from this letter.]

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