Home | 1919

Friday 2.00 P.M.

Dear Esther--

It was certainly thoughtful of you to write a letter--glad I reached Bluffton as soon as you did.

I suppose you know a number of students were put on or in the baggage car down here at the Monon station the day I left.

Yes--Dale went home. I am the only girl left here--and I am here only half the time. Ha! Have not been one bit lonesome so far. K[atheryn] is not coming back until to-morrow P.M. Got three letters and a card to day. Should I be lonesome? Have a date for 4 o'clock and still have my gingham dress on. Ha! as 4 to-night--may call it off & go to the social with one of the girls. have been having a fine time--but not much work done.

Having quite a scare here. This may be the last U will ever hear from me. Will not write it on a card.

Hope 2 C U again. I still _ _ _ _ you. Ha!

Hope U are having a good time--better yet than I--myself. We are observing no rules here--unless we wish. Stayed up here alone last night as I did not go out to stay last night. Carters wanted me to go down stairs to sleep but--I would have made the 6th one in 1 bed room. Ha! Robert is out of bed sitting up now.


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