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Home. Nov. 19--19

Dear Esther--

It seems I never have time for a letter so here goes for a few words. It is now 20 min. of 11. so mail man will come soon enough to suit. I have hunted every where for those old black gloves of mine and can not find them. So I thought I'd go to town and just buy a pair & send you; but Warren has the measles (so I discovered this A.M.) so now I can not leave home for some time. Mrs. Dr. Price said not to let him out doors for two weeks. So papa said for you to go down town there and buy the gloves you want & he will send you the money in a day or two. They are working early & late with the beets. The beet tenders will be through this A.M. but they are doing a "bum" job, so much so papa wishes they had never come near.

Mrs. Whitesel had papa, Warren & I there for dinner yesterday, it being her 67th birthday. She had a very nice dinner. But now Wilma will surely have the measels.

Justice got her a very nice gray skirt to match the waist I gave her.

Clark & Ruth went to a party at Glendenning's last eve. It was a freshman & sophomore party. But Tressie was in bed sick with a cold.

Lloyd is writing you a letter at school. His report-card is fine. Nothing below 94 but writing (88). Arith 99. I believe he has a fine teacher Carol Striker.

I will send clothes to you as soon as I can; but must give Warren first class care anyhow, if I do send them to you late.

Should you take a sudden notion to come home Thanksgiving, come with Justine & we will go after you over there.

Must close, with love--

I asked Warren what I should tell you & he said tell her I am sick--got the small pox. Suppose he'd forgotten what it is.

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