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Geneva Indiana
Nov. 7, 1919.

Dear Sister:

I received the birthday present yesterday. I was so tickled to get it. I just thank you over & over again. (I am writing this during school time). (What is the name of that twig you sent us?) And I will try to follow your advice. Warren visited school yesterday. I do not know if he liked it or not. Any how he just about cryed to go again today. I am invited to go to a Freshman & Sophomore party at Glendening's next Thursday evening (English class).

Saturday night. Well I must finish this letter. There were two men from Mexico to work in the beets. They appear to be decent & respectable men. They work about all night and about half of the day. Papa thinks they are part Indian, Spainish, & Negro. They asked Clark (one of them) to write & read a letter for him.

I am just starting to learn how to play tennis. Clark & Edna Glendening can play good I think. Last night our first & second team played Bryant's first & second team. The second & first were 4.0 to 0 & 49 to 13 in our favor. Wasn't that going some?

Well I want to read a continued story in the S.S. paper called "The Light on Lone Island.


P.S. Wilma weighed 33lb., Warren 44, Lloyd 52 3/4, Mamma 110, me 126, Clark 141 Papa 142 , & Mrs. Whitsel 189 lb. (Sunday)

P.S. Mon A.M.

I will write some more while papa runs washing machine. It has started out bad again. I can not find any perfume that belongs to you. There is some up stairs; but R. says it is hers and she don't know any thing about yours.

Clark got Lloyd some shoes Sat. and they cost $4.25 Isn't that awful? eggs are 60. per doz. but we have none to sell. young chix 17. and I have some to sell, but think price very low.

Have you time to think of Xmas presents? Well this is all.

With love--from

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