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1919-11-04 page 1 Geneva, Ind.
Nov. 4, 1919.

Dear Friend--

We are all well, and I was glad to hear from you, yes we are very busy, Justine and I both helped husk corn, one fore noon we husked 50 shocks of corn, 4 o us; in the afternoon we hauled it in, we had to make another corn crib.

Such rainy weather is just a fright, it has rained all week now, the Jimtown river over floated, the school children could not go home from the north, I was at the box social Wednesday night, I had a fine time there.

How is Luella getting along, have her to send a note the time also, I hope you both get along alright, last year we were just over the "flu" by this time, but I just hope it will not get so mean this year, well I must close for this time, will thank you for your kindness for writing.

Yours truly
Leona Lehman
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