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Geneva, Ind.,
Nov. 3, 1919,

Dear Esther:--

I haven't any thing to do this evening so I will try and answer your letter I received the 27th.

It seems so good to have some sunshine again. It rained so long and has been so gloomy I didn't care much whether I did any work.

I think if we want to go swimming we wouldn't have to go very far for some water.

I talked with Emil this morning. He said he was at Sunday School yesterday and there were ten in the class. He told me he doesn't mind to go to Sunday School now because the class has a teacher now. Mr. Zehn is the teacher. I haven't heard where the next class meeting is at. I was at the box social last Wednesday evening. My box was pink and white. I had a fine time when I got there but had an awful time getting there. Our machine tried to act up I think just because I was in a hurry to get there.

I just got through talking with Mynne E. She had to teach for Mr. Striker one day last week he was almost sick with a cold.

Have you had to assist Kathyrn in catching mice lately? I imagine I can see Luella sitting on the bed with her feet tucked under her or sitting on them rather and her hands up at her face screaming.

I am kept pretty busy here now. The baby gained a pound in a week.

Raymond he is better he is able to be out now.

You will have to excuse my stationary. But you said be fore you left you didn't care what kind of paper I wrote on just so I would write to you.

Will close sending you my best wishes.

Your Classmate

P.S. I suppose you have heard that Ruth Poutius is to be married the fifth day of Nov. that is Wednesday.

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