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Home, No. 2--1919.
Sun. eve.

Dear Esther--

I wonder what you are doing this beautiful Sun. evening. We are all in a natural mood. Papa is reading Clark writing to Luella (I suppose) Lloyd and Warren at every thing in general. Ruth went with Lehman's to the Berne church. (nothing special going on)

Every body went to church & S.S. this A.M. Minnie Leichty, Maizie & Leona Lehman were the girls who were there. The preacher's son, Alva, Harry, Clark, Martine L, Emil, Freddie, & Mr. Zehr the teacher, got the collection banner & have had it a long time.

This P.M. Papa, Ruth & I went over to Justine's folks. Dorothy seemed terribly pleased over her Halloween gift, too. I was so glad you sent a pumpkin to Wilma. I think it pleased Mr. and Mrs.-- well, I can;'t say how much. So Mr. W says now we will send Esther something, so he sent you that box of cherry flips. Now be sure & thank them generously. He helped us do up the package and was as tickled as any kid I ever saw. Did I tell you I gave Mrs. material for a gray silk waist for her birthday. Well Justine is going to get her a skirt to match. So you see they are being pretty happy.

Now about that throw. Mrs. Baker showed me some squirrel fur fabric. So I know what it looks like. But the material is 48 in wide. Shall I get 24 inches & cut it in three strips? Then there would be two seams. How would the

Papa just found a place in the catalog where those throws are already cut. So my questions are not necessary.

Clark said Tressie went from Indianapolis (at teachers meeting) to Bloomington so I suppose you have met her by now.

I don't know when we will ever be down there for we have had an awful rainy week. Our beets have not been touched yet and it is time to be hauling them to market. No help has come yet. The water is up awful high every where. Striker's beets & all along the lob are away under water. I am so sleepy believe I'll close for tonight.--


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