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Huntington, Ind.
Nov. 2, 1919.

Dear friend,

I hope this finds you well. I have been a long time answering your letter but it seems as though I could not find time.

How are you getting along in school and what subjects are you taking? I am taking Harmony, Geometry, English, and French.

The renter has moved in our little house. His name is Biggs.

The girl I told you about did not go to Bloomington. The trustee was after her to teach for they were so short of teachers.

Papa went to Kendelville this afternoon with some other men to look for a minister.

We had a fine time on our trip while we were at my sister's we took a day off and went to La Fayette. While here we went through Purdue. We went from my sisters to Illinois. We were gone two weeks. Just before we started we got company from Illinois.

We are repairing the church. It is going to be nice and large when we get it finished. They say it will be the largest church in Markle when we get it finished. We are holding church in a old soloon now. The bar is pushed back against the wall. The mirror is still there.

Cicee Biggs the boy that lives next to us is two year younger than Howard and they have been having a time. He came over the other night and had on a mask and turkey feathers stuck in his hair to make him look like an Indian. He was paded to make him look fat.

The boys pulled the porch of the school house out in the middle of the road the other night, the same old trick.

I will have to stop now for I have two lessons to get and get ready for endeavor.

Mamma is making fun of my stationary she says it looks like baby's.

This is all for this time.

Your friend,

My route is R4.

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