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"Back Home"
9:45 Sunday

Dear Esther,

This time I found Esther heavily underscored. Of course I read your letter already, even though I feel yet like sleeping or something. I certainly would have died if I had made the trip back here tomorrow morning, for it was bad enough at the best. I had company all the way back, however, and consequently got to prove my gallantry towards a fair lady. She was a girl whom I knew at Indiana last year. She is teaching at Huntington now; and had been on a week end visit. We had a touch of luck, when we reached LaFayette, in the way of making railway connections. There was just barely time for us to catch a Ft. Wayne car at the street crossing as we came down from the Monon depot. Anyway my assistance was very valuable to her, a perfect stranger in our great (?) city. I left Tressie at Gosport in fine shape also, so now I have to consider you.

1919-11-02 page 2In a way I feel disappointed over my trip. Although I did have a great time. But I would have enjoyed a few more hours with you just the same. I hope you don't feel as if you were slighted too much, however the conditions may have been.

You were the only one to see me off, weren't you? Ha, I saw you throw a kiss at me, ever so gently. I never thought you were so cleverly romantic. And I do not believe any one else knows it, do they? So now I have a swell little secret to keep.

Since you cannot get this letter until Tuesday, I am going to visit dreamland and finish my letter when I come back. (Monday 9 A.M.) I feel just as if I had been at Purdue all the time. The same conditions are present in an overwhelming force. I have achieved a Math lesson this morning, and have my first class at ten o'clock.

I hope you have no sore throat yet, from being out so late in the night. Ha, ha! There is always someone or something to take the joy out of living; n'est-ce pas? Write soon; if you can spare the time.

Yours truly,

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