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Geneva Indiana
Oct. 31, 1919

Dear Sister:

You must think that I have forgotten you. I have been so busy trying to get my lessons and going to thins I have not had time to write until now. I am keeping up in every class. I wish you would come here on a visit now.

I suppose you have heard about the Freshman reception. And about me getting up and singing for the morning exercise? Well I am the one to take charge of the room during our study period. We had a box social at the school house last Wed. night and a cake walk, 10 admission. The Domestic Science girls made quite a bit of candy and sold candy & popcorn that night.

They also sold ice cream. We (Domestic S. girls) ordered 8 gallons of ice cream and the water was so high they could not et to B[e]rne. Clark and Daniel H. went to get it but could not get across so they tried at Bluf[f]ton. We got out 40 min. earlier that evening but we had to wait on Clark to get back so that made us later than our usual time when we get out. After Clark got home he went to town and got 2 gallons of ice cream. The girls made $8 and over. They made clear $3.04. There are 15 in o[u]r class lacking 1 of being as many as in the Senior

I guess Warren is trying to scare mamma because he had both papa and mamma up awhile for two nights. Clark is away to a Masquerade Party to night it is the Junior and Senior doings

It is 10 after 9 now I better go to bed with Lloyd.


[Postscript from Mamma.]

Sun. night--

Ruth said she was going to copy this with pen & ink but I shall send it as is for I know she'll never get it copied. Had she been home tonight she might have done so.

No, we have never paid extra postage.

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