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Geneva, Ind.,
Oct. 31, 1919.

Dear Esther,

I am writing with my right hand. I don't suppose you can read it but I think you can.

Warren is about sick Clark is gone and we are the only ones left. That is Clark is gone to a party.

I received your pumpkin "candy box" yesterday. I ate a little of it and it tasted so good that I had to eat a little more. It is the best candy I ever tasted

[The rest is from Mamma.]

Lloyd has gone to bed so I'll send what he has written. That P.B.Y.O.S. is from the "Doings of the Duffs".

Please bring your own sugar.


When Lloyd saw the box of candy he said "O say, isn't that fine! Say! She must have been thinking of me for a long time. I'll just have to write her a great big thank you".

Do you care if I make over that navy blue French serge of yours for Ruth? I have found a way to make it I believe that will not be expensive & look nice.

Be sure & answer.

Shall I look for you home Thanksgiving? When you need money let us know.

We have sent this A.M. for that cape (throw) goods

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