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Dear Esther--

I haven't time to write but a few words. But am afraid you will look for a letter & not get one if I don't write it. Warren has been having a very bad cold.--so croupy. That I didn't have much of a rest night before last nor last night. Papa & I just simply sat up till 12. o'clock, for we wanted to see how he was going to be before we undressed. He seemed quiet after 10-30, so we went to bed at 12 and he didn't cough from then on. Seems to be feeling fine this A.M. tho' cough isn't very loose yet.

The kids--Clark, Ruth and Lloyd went to their box social last night. They got home about 12-30 or 1. Lloyd had the time of his life. He eat .65 with Leora Pusy. Clark bought Clara G. $1.25 and some stranger got Ruth $1.50. Some of the girls told her he was tough so she went off where he couldn't find her. Her box was all was all white with ribbon 1 in. wide, bright red, tied around it & a bow on top. It looked nice. They sold 40 boxes, some went as high as $2.50. They had ordered ice-cream at Berne but water was so high they could not get there to get it then they went to Bluffton, but could get none, then Clark went to Geneva last night and got 2 gals. They sold all the candy the Domestic science girls made, drew everything out of fishpond and wanted more. So you see they did well for such a miserable night as it was. Clark was clerk & he said they took in all of $75. They are trying to pay for "phono graph". Huffinan bought Tressie's. Hers was a white ship. I do not know how soon I'll get to sew any for you. Lloyd is out of waists & I need clothes badly so does every one in family. We did not go to Ft. Wayne. I will try & get the rest of your "stuff" to you sometime. Don't you think molasses taffy would be more convenient to send to you and answer the purpose just as well as molasses?

You better get rid of that Zehring. I must iron, churn & put house in order today.

Bye from mamma


Did you get your clothes O.K.?

Generator for car has not come yet so we could not go down there even if all else were in favor.

Mrs. W. got your letter. So did Josephine.

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