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Purdue, "148"
Oct. 28, 1919

Dear Esther,

I think I received a letter from you today, although I'm not positively sure. I must have lost part of it for I could not find your dear little signature anywhere when I thought I had come to the end. Since I have been courageous enough to mention my fault please pardon me, this time.

It has been raining like in the days of "Noah and the Arc" here also; but today is cold. I too went to S.S. last Sunday despite the rain and all its discomforts. It is not profitable to one's soul to put it to such torture, is it?

Sure, I had a fine time Friday evening, being with a very popular young lady of wide acquaintance. And in that respect anyway, my Friday evening was different from yours. Say, you ought not to treat the I.U. young men so cool like. If you have the time why not take advantage of such fine opportunities and be gentle and satisfactorily "courteous' to the poor rubes. Ha; never allow one to spoil you. Instead, be a help and as much as possible, a Solomonistic Cleopatric Sphinx. See? Luella must have been mistaken when she said all the nice boys were gone. Where have they gone? You will find the same sort of variety wherever you go.--I appreciate all you said though.

Esther, I asked you once whether I could trust you, and you replied (in letters) some way by telling how much you thought of your self. You will probably recall it. I supposed at the time that you meant it to answer my question, and the same now; but just how did it. Would you just like to see how far I would fall? No I don't believe that now, but it's uncertain and probably will be for some time.

Last Sunday P.M., "Roomy" and I went out to Columbia Park (in the drizzle) to see the sights. It is larger and contains much more than McCullohs Park of Muncie. Camels, ostrichs and all such stuff. It is a very interesting place. There is no place at or near Bloomington that will favorably compare with Happy Hollow for beauty and natural wealth of scenery. The deep valley of Universtiy Dam is somewhat similar.--A surprise; I got a class letter from Bertha yesterday.

Best wishes and good luck.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. I don't know much about X-ray's. So there. Ha, ha! R.N.G.

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