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Geneva, Ind
Oct. 27--1919

Dear Esther:--

Surprised did you say I was so surprised when I came home from school and saw I had a letter from Bloomington that I forgot all about my troubles and say I guess Seniors have a plenty. We sure have some school this year. I suppose you've heard all about it. There's something going on every night. What will it be until Spring when there really is supposed to be something going on?

Wed. night is a box-social. Mynnie and I are taking one to-gether & I had the pleasure of making the box. I've worked on it every since I came home and haven't got it finished yet. So you may know there's some work on it. I took an underwear box and covered it with white crepe paper, then I took strips of crepe paper and pulled the edges, making it "crinkley". I tacked these at each corner. Then took red, white & blue ribbon and placed on top of paper with big rosette in middle. Some fussy.

This is something the way it looks [drawing of box]

Mamma said she could put an onion in it. Now imagine Enoch Schroll & I eating an onion Ha!

You asked me whether I knew Justine Baker. I don't know her but I sure know her sister Geraldine. She sits in front of me at school. Also her brother William.

Has Clark told you about our Orchestra Glee Clubs, Mandolin Clubs & Ukelele Clubs? Well I was made Sec. of Orchestra and that's as far as it's gone. They had me down to play a violin and now you know my experience with a violin. I'm also one of the H.S. faculty. I keep the assembly from the 1 st. recess until noon every day. Now I've almost taught six weeks and haven't rec'd any pay yet. Believe I'll go on a strike. Wouldn't you?

We observed Arbor Day, planted trees, mowed the school yard, cut weeds with a hoe and various other things too numerous to mention. They dismissed school at noon Fri.

I'm also taking Chemistry this yr. I don't know whether its like yours or not. Tomorrow is the junior-Senior's day to take Physical Training. She told us last week that if we would carry the Victrola down in manual training room (that's where we're taking it) we could play "Scip to Maloo". Think of me. Do you remember the Junior reception? I do. We had a similar time at the Freshman reception this yr. Yes we sure have some Basket-Ball team. My the scores have been like walk-a-ways. Hope they continue.

I'm trying to plan a new dress and I'd just as leave take a whipping.

Dorothy & Arch have quite [sic]. After going to gather 6 years. It was about the same as a divorce.

The class all had a fine time at the party at your house the other night. Everybody seemed out for a good time.

You knew Harry Cooper didn't you? Emil's brother. He's a papa now. Emil goes with Ruth Shoemaker. You know Lloyd Heller used to go with her. I have only saw Gladys S. twice since she came home from school. Her sister Mildred Steiner was married last Tues. eve. at 5 o'clock. Russel left school to attend the wedding.

The Junior-Seniors are having a masquerade Friday night at the school house. I have my false face and that is all. I have my dress spoken for. Mynnie is going to dress like a clown. You can plainly see who I run with by this letter.

I thought I never could get along with out you the first couple of weeks, but I'm getting used to it now. You know Mynnie used to run with Mildred well Mildred runs with a freshman Nema Runyon and that left Mynnie alone. We Senior girls so far have run to-gather but you can't tell how long it'll last. We have a new pupil, Lawrence Fielder perhaps you've heard of him. He goes with Elizabeth Anderson. Clyde goes with Rose now. I talked to Lloyd the other night in town. You know he teaches the Bolds school. Said he had 25 pupils. I told him I was coming to visit him and he said when I did he was going to dismiss school and have a talk by me, so I decided the best thing I could do was stay a way.

I believe I would be just like you Esther about gym. I never have very many clothes to get on but I have to have plenty of time to get on what few I have got. Well I must go eat my breakfast. Now it won't take very long. How do you like the new time? I like it fine. It gives me more time to think about getting up.

This ought to be a good letter I've been on it for two days. This is Tues. eve. Well we got to play Scip to-day in Physical Training. I thought of you. Then we went from there to Chemistry class. I was all in. Well I suppose your getting tired of this so I will ring off. Hoping to hear from you soon. (Write as much as you like and as often as you like.)

Your old H.T.H.S. Pal,

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