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Geneva Ind
Oct. 26, 1919

Dear Sister:--The rain you had there Thursday came down to give us a visit today all day long and all last night and probably all night tonight.

Do you remember the two strings you sent me? I have the clothes hangers about ready to send will probably send them about Tuesday I have taken plenty of time to make them.

H.H.S. 60 K.H.S. 13

Hartford simply ran away with Kirklin 13-60 I am ashamed to admt that we ran up such a score. Oh! Well it is all in the game I suppose. We have no game this week.

But on Wed. evening there is a box social at the school house and Fri. evening a masquerade party at the School House by the Juniors + Seniors.

Last Fri. afternoon the school set out about 40 or 45 hard maple trees along the west side of the school ground. Say do you Alumni want to set out an Ivy vine around the school house some where if so where. Our class will next spring. Yes we have a game with Petroleum either the 7 or 14 I forget which.

Would that little boy appreciate it if we should send him something to relieve the monotony of lying abed so long at a time.

Alva and I were the only 2 in our class at S.S. this morning. I think you should give us a cromo. and then we get one [...] by a margin of 1 which I made up, it isn't hardly fair is it.

I have been reading all day and feel kind of dull so can't think of much else. We had hay balers Thursday and the side walk is finished will take a picture of it when I get a chance and send it to you.

Wishing you the best of luck I remain your Dear Brother
E. Clark Munro.

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