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Oct. 26, 1919

Dear Friend Esther:

I am sorry I haven't answered your welcome letter before now. But I have been quite busy lately with my studies. I am attending Business College here. Hastings is quite a nice little town of about 15, 000 population. It has a Presperterian College besides the Business College and a Hospital, Sanitarium and the State Hospital for the Incurable Insane. So you see we aren't lacking in Hospitals or the like. I am about sixty miles from home. That seems far enough for me. I was home for an over Sunday visit the last of Sept. I don't know whether I will go home before Thanksgiving or not, I am afraid I will have to go home and get some warm clothes. It is pretty cold here. About three weeks ago it was so cold here that it froze ice about 1/4 in. thick. believe me I don't want cold weather to come till its time.

I am going to begin to play basket ball tomorrow evening. My roommate and I made us some bloomers and we sure have a show around here about every night.

We have quite a time here sometimes there are four of us girls here and what we don't do and think of isn't worth mentioning. We just about raise the roof.

I didn't get to go to Ill. either this summer. I don't know when I will get to go now. If I get a position as soon as I finish my course, which I hope I do, I don't know when I will ever set my feet on ill. soil again.

I intend to finish my course in about six or seven months. Well I must quite, because the other three girls in this room are talking about everything under the sun. So if there is anything out of place in this letter you know why it is so.

Well now don't wait as long as I did to write. I guess a person don't appreciate letters till you get away from home.

Answer soon.

Your Friend,
Orlie Penwitt
1635 W. 4th St.
Hastings, Nebr.

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