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Home. Monday A.M.

Dear Esther--

I will add a little more paper to this envelope Clark has addressed. Ruth vows so often that she will write a big long letter to you; but never seems to get at it.

Yesterday was a very dreary day. No one came and no one went. Drizzled all day & night and it is still at it and it is almost eleven o'clock.

We discussed house. Clark wants to change that plan he drew to an altogether different one. But I stick to it yet & will till I see something better. Yes, give all the ideas to us you can get. [written in pencil in the blank space at the end of the paragraph:] Your clothes came O.K.

Now, about your going so often with the boys, I would say don't go too often. It seems you can always get girls to accompany you where ever you wish to go. It may take your mind off your studies too much and you have no time to spare it seems. I'd rather you would address your letters on outside to me or papa. For in that case I do not need to wait till kids come home from school to open it. I do not think they care at all for I always read your letters to them or let them read them themselves. Lloyd & Warren thought the mouse escapade pretty funny.

How is the little boy? What is his name? You must entertain him all you can for it will be very tiresome for him in bed. Is there anything we can do for him?

Mr. Whitsel caught a pole-cat at S. end of wood-shed last night. He had it in a trap & papa went down after nine o'clock last night (Sun. night) and shot it. Clark is going to skin it. Will try to make those cookies for you today, as I have sour cream now. I think you will surely enjoy that lecture course. Have you any idea if you or any or all of the rest will be home Thanksgivign Day. Warren says he don't remember what you look like.--With love--from Mamma.

The mail-man came sooner than I was looking for him & didn't get this mailed yesterday.

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