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148 Sheety Street
LaFayette, Ind.
Oct 24, 1919

Dear Esther,

I received your letter this forenoon, and must say that I fail to see just how the French harmed it. It was a nice little refreshing "breeze", even though your mood was out of sorts. Why did you write if you did not feel like doing so? In this short letter I am not going to give you any of my advice. I do not like to do it anyway, especially in such a plain straightforward way. "A hint to the wise is sufficient" you know, if it works. And it is not nearly so embarrassing. Aren't you offended at me for saying what I have? Time will tell, however.

I suppose you would think (that I think), I must have lots of time, if I can postpone a visit to I.U. for several months. It is not the case, but circumstances cannot be helped very much at present. But your fear may not be realized if you allow plenty of time.

You ought to tell your folks not to write to you if they make you homesick. Ha, ha! I heard from Tressie that Clark had a fine interesting time for the class at the last meeting. And old H.T.H.S. is doing well in basketball also. Please don't think I am trying to make you homesick also. I do not wish to make you sad. Of course. So I must say that I wish Stafford and I had your mouse-killing "brigade" over here for a while, as ewe have several guilty and destructive thieves about the room. They ought to be dispatched at once, though, so we may have to do it ourselves. Ha.

I hope you are still having a good time. Don't fear me, for I'll not surprise you. I was over to the city the other night to see "The Perfect Lover" which was a very pathetic play. Tonight I am going to escort a girl out to Happy Hollow (for) to a weiner roast. The M.E. Epworth League has charge of the detail. We leave about 5:15 so I shall have to desert you for the present and write more some other time. It is a quarter of five now. I got a letter from Katheryn today also, so please tell her that I shall be glad to answer it as soon as possible.

Best wishes, from

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