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Geneva Ind RR 3 10/21 1919

Friend Esther

Will try to write you in answer to your very welcome cards which I have received from you. I am almost ashamed that I had not answered your first card before now but I suppose better late than not at all. We are all well. Hope you are well and enjoying your self. How doe you like your room mate I hope all right. I always thought Justine was a very nice girl. I suppose you sometimes almost get home sick but we can not always be at home.

Wilma is still with us and will stay here I guess. I doe know it would be very lonesome with out her now. She said tell Esther my chickens are getting almost big to fry. Will be when you come home and you must come and she will get you a dinner and fry one for you. She is getting dinner and [...] wash dishes that is the way she puts in her time she and Warren have a good time going to Sunday School when he comes down to play with her she has his little table and Warren told your mamma that she was a perfect little house keeper.

I doe not know as I can tell you any thing very new as I suppose your folks tell you all that wold interest you. I will tell you that I have been to Sunday school a couple of times. I think the people are awful nice at Hartford.

Well Esther I will thank you for the Birthday card that you sent me although it came just a month to soon as my Birthday will not be until the 18 of Nov but I appreciate it just the same. Well I must close as it will be mail time soon from your friends Mrs. Whitsel and Wilma.

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