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Geneva Ind.,
Oct. 20, 1919.

Dear Esther:--

I haven't any thing to do this afternoon so I will try and write to you.

I washed this forenoon and got dinner and washed the dishes and that is all I have done to day. We don't work very hard here since the sale.

I went to Sunday School yesterday forenoon in the after noon I went visiting and in the evening I went to church.

Raymond was home over Sun. He went back this morning. He is coming back next Sat. to help until the shredding is done. I think the W.W. Class needs to get up some Pep. There wasn't one that had some good saying or a verse of scripture when they called the Roll they all answered present. Tressie she is trying to keep the class up and I am willing to do my part. I don't think that Emil has been there more than once since you have left. I heard that he won't come because he is assistant teacher. We all had a good time at the class meeting but I am sure I missed you. Your mother said she missed you more that night than she ever did.

I was at the basket ball game last Wednesday night and also was there last Friday night. H.T.H.S. surely has a good team this year they haven't lost a game this year. They play Kirkland Township Friday night. I am going to attend that game.

You certainly are kept busy with your studies. Do you like sewing? I suppose you do because you always sewed quite a bit in home. I only wish I did like to sew. Marie is taking sewing at school this year. She is going to Hartford.

If the class would do their bit I think they would write to all of the members of the class that are gone. I can get 25 cts. worth of stamps on Monday until the next Monday they are all gone. I always appreciate letters from the folks at home and from the class. So I think that you do to.

I have only four more letters to write this afternoon so will close. Will look for an answer some time I know you are kept busy. I think I have more time to write. I am still at Watsons I may be there until Thanksgiving and maybe not quite that long. It all depends.

Yours Truly
Bertha F.

P.S. Excuse my pen and ink.

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