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Geneva, Ind. Oct. 19--'10

Dear Esther--

I had thought of so much to tell you the last day or two; but did not jot those things down, so now I can't think of near all, I am sure. But will do the best I can at remembering; for I know I'll have no time to write tomorrow.

To begin with, we all have slight colds except papa, nothing serious, thank goodness. Lloyd seems to have it the worst or one would think so if they were around a short while, for you know his failing. Seems to me he blows his nose every few min.

Now about the party. I'd gladly let Ruth tell it, but right now she is studying her algebra. So I'll let her alone. But this P.M. she made the remark that when evening came she was going to write and write to you.

Those who were here were Elizabeth and Josephine, Leona and Martine Alva and Tressie, Menno Felber and Bertha Ada Felty, Roland, Dorothy, Janette and Ervin Sprunger. All the Shoemaker boys. All the program we had was a duet by Ervin and Dorothy. They played key. Made paper hats out of large pieces of paper and three pins for a contest game. We also played "What would you do if" and they thought it so funny that Josephine says "That's fun, lets play it again." Pretty soon Rollin said "lets play that over again" So they just turned their slips of paper over & played it again. For getting pardners for supper we had two pie tins one pan had on it a spool of thread the other pan the enedle. One had a knife the other the fork, also ink & paper, can & lid hook & eye, things in pairs you see. The things on one pan was passed to the girls, the other to the boys.

Dorothy said she was going to entertain the Hartford class next summer. Forest taught the class today. Emil was there but would not teach. They decided at the party to just appoint some one in the class to teach. So they appointed Robert S. but he did not even come.

I misinformed you about Mrs. Whitsel's birthday. It is Nov. 18. I asked Mr. & I understood him to say Oct. But it makes no particular difference any how.

We may drive down there, yet we do not know for sure. Our car is not working as it should to take such a trip. Do not figure too strong on it; for if the weather turns bad we will not come I am sure but in case we should, we will bring all that we can get to come along.

I believe papa is figuring on building a house, but don't mention it yet a while any how.

I took quite a "constitutional" myself this P.M. Papa, Warren, Ruth and I walked down to the "big timber" to see the cattle and look at the big corn & new fences. The corn over there is surely immense. Lloyd stayed at the house monkeying with his Gilbert toys which came Sat. P.M. Our beets are immense too. We are not out of sugar yet; but so nearly out that I am getting very stingy.

How do you like going without your supper on Sun. evenings.

I had your pink dress all done up when the word came from you not to send it back. I thought you might wear it some more, if you had it there.

Do you have enough clothes? I guess you are kept so busy you don't have time to think much about clothes.

The Hartford Basket Ball team played Monroe on Fri. night. A double header. The Hartford boys beat them badly in both games. Ruth went both Wed. and Fri. night.

Mon. A.M.

Am washing. Kids went to school in Ford. (When one car won't run the other does). The men finished the cement walk from pump to barn this A.M.

I sent those white stockings back to you; but don't see how you can use them.

Have a new cream separator now too. Put it in the basement.

Believe I've told about everything. Of course as soon as letter is sealed I'll think of something important. I should think if Richard should come to see his sisters, "they" wouldn't have any time to visit. Are going to try to hull clover this P.M.

Don't wear your muslin nightgowns so long they smell of perspiration so.

Much love from--

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