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1919-10-16 page 1
148 Sheety Street
West LaFayette, Ind.
Oct. 16, 1919.

Dear Esther,

1919-10-16 page 2As tomorrow will be a very busy day, I am taking an opportunity this evening of answering your letter. I can not write much this time, perhaps, for I have some exams tomorrow, and the one in poultry especially is a bore. If I could get up so early as you do I think I might be able to study my lessons before breakfast. A quarter to 7:00 usually finds me very comfy yet.

You must be worked very severely if you have no time to think. It will pay any person to think some, and think hard enough to produce some results too. However I know how hard it is to do college work. Unless a person has calmness, good self control and an efficient system of working. It is wonderful how good a person feels when he knows this "stuff".

Say, I do not know when I shall get to come to Bloomington. I don't know whether I go by spurts in some things or not. I cannot always tell. I hope to be able to come soon though. You would not be doing yourself justice if you had more than one date with me if I did come to your town. It lessens a girl's chance to get other fellows if they know she has a "steady". And you cannot afford to miss any opportunity to get out, leave, and get experience. (One must have it, sooner or later, and the sooner the better. I'm just a 'kid', you know). I would not object, for I want you to be better all the time. I hope you feel free to do as you like, for you run no risk with me. Hoping to see you within a couple of weeks, at last; I remain,


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