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1919-10-15 page 1
"My Room"
Wednesday at 10:00 P.M.

Dear Esther,

I always endeavor to make the best of the situation, so that is the reason I am writing now instead of sooner. You have no doubt found out by this time that there are many things that occur in one's daily schedule that have to come first because of their importance. Also that one is not likely to have everything to his or her own liking. It is the ability to see and to correct one's self, and to very wisely for[e]see the consequences of certain decisions, that is very valuable, ultimately.

1919-10-15 page 2I am very glad you had such an excellent time last Sunday. If everything proceeds to develop properly you ought to have some more good times soon. I do not envy you a full enjoyment of your school life. But I do, or ought to, appreciate the fact that you feel sorry for me because I missed all the good times. Well, that's my luck, I guess. I won't tell you what I did last Sunday besides writing you a letter. But I think it is safe to say that I was out to visit the Soldiers Home, and Tecumseh's Trail. My "Star of Destiny" failed to shine, however, for I took several Kodak pictures which were proved to be failures. Of course, it could be explained in another way that it was the sun that failed to shine. You may not believe that, since you stated that it was a fine day.

I fear that I do not coincide with you in your "girl" idealism. The fellow who wanted his girl to be all "that" would never want her for his sweetheart or even wife. I think I am stating the bare truth concerning most mens' opinions. In other words, the girl of that fellow's type (and yours?) must be a successful man first and be a woman afterwards? If it were very polite I would be able to state my ideal (not of a "girl", for that is not so important) of, let us say, a sweetheart. Really this is a very good subject for a preacher to lecture upon. But I must stop, for I fear that I may be too hard to be suited anyway.

Since some of us are going on a special train to the Chicago-Purdue game at C. Saturday, I might decide to go. Will write later perhaps. Best wishes.


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