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1919-10-15 page 1 Home, Wed. A.M.

I haven't time to write a letter, but thought I'd let you know that your clothes did not come ‘till Mon. noon. It was too late for me to washy anything but the gingham dress. Do not look for your clothes too soon. Today is such a poor day to dry them that I think I'll wait till tomorrow.

The party is over. Not many were here as I guessed. But guess they had a good time. Will tell you about it later.

Do not consider this a letter; but I wanted you to know about the clothes. Am very busy today and also tired. I had expected to give the class ice-cream with pine apple syrup & Clark went after the cream & couldn't get any. I sent him back to town for oranges & banannas at 5-30 o'clock. So had fruit salad. But it was good any how.

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