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October 12, 1919

Dear Esther,

Since it is such a fine beautiful day I cannot refuse the pleasure of enjoying it.
This little stip of light
‘Twixt night and night
Let me keep bright Today!
And let no shadow of To-morrow
Nor sorrow
From dead yesterday
My happiness today!
And if Tomorrow shall be sad,
Or never come at all, I've had
At least--To-day!

[I can't find the source or author of the poem, but it was later used in the 1944 movie Since You Went Away.]
I believe cheerfulness comes from living one day at a time. Allowing the mind to run freely into any of the channels it chooses is not likely to bring the best and happiest results. This thing of worry or anxiety usually concerns one's self, does it not? And selfishness is a thing to be strictly avoided, especially in the extremity of the case.

I know you went to S.S. today unless your illness prevented you from going. I forgot to mention sleepiness, which you usually have when out late at nights. But I.U. authorities do not permit their younger students (or any) to remain out so awfully late do they? Therefore I will draw the conclusion that you must have gone to Sunday School. I did not go, myself, for--it was too cold I guess. My room-mate was once a Sunday School superintendent, so you see I have a very good pal. Ha! But he has not gone once since I have been here.

Last night I and a couple others were over to the city and among the things we saw was a "movie' called "Easy to Make Money". You see I only go to see the most profitable things. This show was quite clever and good. Either Monday or Wednesday I intend to see Mary Pickford in "The Hoodlum". Also yesterday was Purdue's Homecoming and University day featuring a football game with Illinois. Purdue stood at the foot of a score of 14-7. It rained nearly all day. Hence our bad luck!

Is there any chance for me to get a date there at I.U. some evening? I have forgotten how they do things at Indiana. I am looking for a letter either Monday or Tuesday. There!


P.S. Who is the Prof. G.W. Munro here at Purdue?

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