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Sunday P.M.--5-30.

Dear Esther--

I did not think I'd write to you again until after the (awful) party, but here I am at it as usual. Lloyd is writing too, so I'll leave a few things for him to tell.

I did not go to S.S. this A.M. We got up so late. They said there was the smallest crowd out they ever saw. Emil nor Alva were there. Forest Shoemaker taught.

The Hartford Basket Ball boys played a game with Geneva Fri. night. A double header. The H. boys beat the G boys the first game also the 2-H. beat the 2-Geneva team. So you see they were thoroly beaten. Andrew Shoemaker was refferee too. Clark feels pretty good. He is first sub. to first team. Clark play[ed] of first game and all of second.

I wish you would quit worrying about the money you have to spend. I told papa I'd have to tell you we had lots of it. People just hand money to him when they meet him on the street. $50 at a time. So don't worry. Now I'll explain. The other day as papa was going down the street, Steph Martin stopped him & told him if he would come down to office he'd give him $50. Papa said that was news to him, but went down there. It seemed Mrs. Martin had made a mistake in his books & the mistake was in our favor. Papa had been hauling wheat to town & hadn't counted up yet.

Now here is a little more news. We got word thru mail last week from land-agents Morton & Goodman that Cecil land is sold. Of course no business (signing of deed & etc.) will be transacted until March 1st. I have not said a word to anyone about it, Papa told Ruth & Clark last eve. I am so afraid even yet that it isn't so. But it surely is.

Rec'd a letter from Hazel also. I may send it to you.

Clark sent for some new music "When the Great Red Dawn is Shining" Blue Bird" "Till We Meet Again". Wish you were here to play them for us. Ruth can't play them & they are not hard either.

Sat. was a cold rainy miserable day. So Ruth and I made two burnt sugar cakes.

When you are out of money send for more. We know you will not be extravagant. Mrs. Baker said Justine was awful glad she was down to Linns that P.M. It seemed so nice to be with friends, said one girl was going to quit she was so homesick.

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