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11:30 A.M.
October 9, 1919

Dear Esther,

You have had the honor of writing me the first letter since I came back to Purdue. Although I did *get one before this from Luella. I mailed my letter on Sunday afternoon at Geneva and I supposed that it would get to I.U. on Monday but as you stated my supposition was inaccurate.

I got to see your folks Saturday and Sunday under unusual circumstances as *you know.

The weather was not so bad at home but that I had an excellent time. It did not rain much either Saturday or Sunday. Since you asked something about that "bill" that I do not know, consequently I cannot answer your questions. That piece of paper vanished into the great whirlpool of man's destiny and left an empty space behind. With it I built an air castle I suppose. Of course I never find time to speak of such things before they are blown away and destroyed. You have built those wonderful palaces, n'est-ce pas, but did any ever stand fast? I think it a very interesting and enjoyable way to loll in idleness and dreams. If our minds could not furnish us with some such illusions, then I fear life would be a much duller and unhappier process of development.

As you no doubt learned, I was not in the fight here Saturday. It was a draw anyway and consequently of no importance to me. The big push ball busted in the third struggle. My room-mate was one of the first four men to strike the ball and he finished by tumbling into it when it collapsed. Several "casualties" were reported nevertheless, during the battle.

Another thing that might have been interesting, had I stayed here, was a date for Sunday. That makes the third chance I have had to miss within a week, all due to my being away from home or having too much work to do. [...]

I wish you would describe that Miss Christen (?) for me. Is she a Junior? The majority of the co-eds are none too good-looking. But then I suppose they beat I.U. What? I beg your pardon. I think you like the truth.


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