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Home, Oct Don't know,
but it is Thurs. A.M.

Dear Esther--

Your letter came yesterday. We enjoyed it the most of any one you have written. Thought you used good English, good composing guess I'd call it and interesting. I read it to all at the supper table.

I haven't time to write to you this A.M. nor do I have much to write; but don't want you to be too disappointed too often when that beloved mail-man comes. Tell Richard there is one man in Bloomington you almost love. Your only trouble is all the girls do too. Tell him it is the mail-man. But may be you have told him that.

I took up the dining room rug yesterday, preparing for C. party.

That's all that has been done so far. I have so much to do, it seems I never can prepare for it.

The steers came yesterday. 30 of them. White faces. I haven't time now to tell Mrs. Carter about the pan-cakes; but will later on.

Am glad you heard that woman Dr. talk.

The Hartford Basket-ball team and Geneva play tomorrow night. Clark wants me to go. They play in Geneva.

Gladys Dillon has girl No. 3. Auntie Esther saw it in Fairbury Blade. Papa said Aunt E. looked fine. But Vie looks bad. Papa stayed one night at Alvin Wakefields in Gibson. His wife is "crazy as a bed-bug on some subjects". I am quoting Alvin now. He said he didn't know what to do with her.

Edna Ristoro was married in Catholic church to Joe Kelley. Saw this in Piper Journal.

Must close and make up for these few min. Hope you got your goods in time. I sent it to you as soon as I could. There are 5 yds there. Use whta you need. You say everything is so much higher there than here. I'll send you a few stamps and see what you save on them (Don't forget that your mother enjoys a little joke)

from Mamma.

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