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Davison, Mich.

Dear Aunt Edie:--

I rec'd your letter yesterday and of course I was glad to get it. You must have been thinking of me at the same time I was of you. Some one sent our name in to Straus Bros. and they have sent us a couple of land books. For want of any thing else to do, I they picked one up, Sunday, and the first page I opened to had such a nice place pictured. So ujust to "hear my head rattle" I said I guess that would suit me so I read the description and then looked it up on the map. And there. it was just a few miles from you in Mercer Co. Ohio. I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to live with in driving distance of you any way.

You can send my letters to Mrs. Kilbury if you wish--I didn't have a card nor a one cent stamp even, and the mailman slips by so often without my seeing him.

I am truly sorry that Morris doesn't write to his mother occasionally any way, but its of you no use of me to suggest it as he just says "Whats the use--she doesn't care anything about me anyway" and lets it go at that. And he comes back with a pretty good answer with any argument you might put up so I just let him go. He doesn't write to anyone for that matter. I think he is going to write to Mr. Kib soon and when he does he will probably write to his mother too.

Mr. Kib must be a friend. He writes every now and then if any one writes to him or not.

Well I must quit. You don't need to consider this a letter. I simply didn't have a card.

I am ironing today. Frank and Morris went to town with wheat. Frank seems as well as ever.


Morris laughed when he saw his writing. Frank was quite interested too.

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