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Geneva, Ind.,
Oct. 8, 1919.

Dar Esther:--

Rec'd your card some time ago all O.K. Hope you are finding your work interesting as well as enjoyable. Don't work so hard that you forget all of us back here especially the one important "school mam". I know that there are times when at school that it seems almost impossible to get your lessons, write letters and do every thing else. But cheer up that's nothing to teaching school. I surely have some time with those youngsters and they say the funniest thing.

What kind of a place do you have to room? I hope your land lady is good to you for without that I don't how one would get along. Mine was simply grand. There were only her and her sister living together. Today I rec'd a letter from her and she told me that her sister had killed herself last week and was burried [sic] Thursday. I almost collapsed when I read it. In a way it doesn't surprise me much either. If it isn't one thing to worry a person it's another.

I guess Lester, Lloyd and Clyde are getting along fine in their schools. Murray joined the Navy. I don't think he will make the final exam. At least I hope not for I know he is not able to endure the hardships that will be placed upon him.

Last night the H.H.S. gave the new Freshies a Reception. Gee I thought it couldn't be that I didn't have my name in the hat. That's the first time that any thing ever went on at the school since I can remember that I was excluded. Clark said he would bring a cake and he did. It was a pan cake. Some classical joke I'll say.

Say I guess I was mistaken in your roommate's name. I don't know how I got that in such a mixed up mess. Tell Justine I said , "Hello," also Catherine and Luella.

You must excuse the looks of this letter. It's the third one in the last hour. Write and tell me all you can about school.

With Love
Gladys Steiner

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