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Geneva, Ind.
Oct. 5, 1919

Dear Esther,

As my fortune is usually favorable, I received your last letter at Purdue Friday just before leaving for Indianapolis. However as I was rather rushed I could not read it until I was on my way. You see I had classes all afternoon until 4:00 o'clock and my train left at 4:22. That is the reason I can write now from home.

I certainly appreciate your kindness in considering me so important; but which do you think you'll get the most good out of in the finals, your lessons or me? Anyway a person who does not want to get any letters is certainly peculiar. That is not like you, or myself. Is it? Speaking of professors, I do not have much time for my "profs" or care very much whether I like them or not. If they are good, so much the better, but if they are bad it makes no difference. I had prof. Mathers in room 28, front row, 2nd seat from the west end of center row. Lab was upstairs, in 33, I believe.

I have been having a very busy time since getting home at 9:30 Friday night. I came by way of Indianapolis to Portland. Saturday morning Papa and I went to Portland with the car. We took your father part way. Mr. Munro was going thru La Fayette on the L.E. & W. to Illinois. It would have been very fine if I had been going that way at the same time.

They did not having have S.S. at Hartford today so that is my excuse for not going. For being bad too. See? Say, but I am feeling fine for we just had a special dinner. Watermelons galore!

I wish to announce the wedding of Mr. J. Miller today with a fair dame from east of Geneva.

This is the first time I have been home when you were away and of course it seems quite unnatural. I'll have to make the best of it however. I am going back to Purdue some time tonight thru Indianapolis. Perhaps I can write a better letter soon.

Truly yours,

P.S. I realize this letter betrays haste. Please pardon me.

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